Teaching Methodology

The Right Environment

At J.K.M. we believe each child develops differently, so we provide our young learners with the ideal learning environment where they are not limited by anything in their endeavours to learn.

Curriculum oriented activities based on HBSE recommended syllabus is implemented in the school very meticulously. At J.K.M. we take care about the age group of the children, contemporary teaching methodologies and infrastructure that add to faster and better learning.


  • High standards, means less quantity, more quality; deeper learning is what we aim for
  • Self- initiated work and learning process.
  • Students use higher level thinking skills (compare, analyses, explain)
  • Inquiry Based Learning, that initiate in our students a better understanding of concepts, rather than just memorizing.
  • Reflection Techniques – students reflect on what they’ve done and how to improve it on their own.
  • Science is a process of inquiry and investigation- Students do experiments and know how to carry out the scientific process.


Helpline classes and mentor’s guidance are provided to assist students in every possible manner. Students have access to the various laboratories and library resources, which are well equipped with modern tools & technology. Latest modes of teaching like smart classes and e-boards are used in each class room to make the learning process interesting and to visualize concepts.