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Satyavir Singh


From Director's Desk

Knowledge is the study of three ‘R’ Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, but today’s multilingual; multiple intelligent, multifarious world knowledge acquires a new dimension – a classroom is not alone a storehouse of academic aptitudes, but is also a hub of a number of activities designed to the new competitive global era.

JKM Senior Secondary School, Kalanaur (Rohtak) is one such answer to the modern conceptual demanding education. This school with its infrastructure of a competent staff; a well-equipped building and playgrounds houses a number of activities catering to the needs and essentials of each individual child. Every child is treated as a single entity and the curriculum thus designed is an answer to respect the creativity and area of interest of each entrant.

This school hence is a pathway on which a raw tender child enters – transgressing the milestone of adolescence to a complete mature adult echoing the lines of Robert Frost “I have miles and miles to go and promises to keep …………………||”