J.K.M. follows the HBSE curriculum in a very enjoyable way which makes learning an experiential and practical. We believe in realisation of true potential through practical education, experiential learning, involving activities and visits.

Curriculum oriented activities based on HBSE recommended syllabus is implemented in the school very meticulously. At J.K.M. we take care about the age group of the children, contemporary teaching methodologies and infrastructure that add to faster and better learning.

The process of evaluation that includes and reflects all components of the personality of the students and the consideration, not only learning scholastic areas, but also life skills, activities, values, interests and achievements in co-curricular activities.

The medium of instruction followed in the school is English.

  • To make teaching-learning process interesting, interactive approach and innovative techniques are tried and adopted from time to time.
  • Computer education forms an integral part of our curriculum.
  • Also, the school has well equipped labs and a well-stocked library.
  • Our enthusiastic and creative teachers make various concepts interesting with the help of audio-visual aids.